Gus Vanderhyde was born in Amsterdam where he was one of the first graduates to be awarded a Major in photography from the Academy of Art, Arnhem, Netherlands.

He arrived in Australia in 1960 and almost straight away was picked up by Geoff Digby at the Word Record Club who could see his outstanding talent.

During his time at WRC his output like many of the other designers was prolific, and he was encouraged to use his own photographs and also to work with Athol Shmith whenever possible.

Gus Van Der Heyde Album Cover Design WRC

“While employed by the World Record Club I had the opportunity, during an unexpected visit to my home country, to visit not only my old art school to give a talk to the students there but to visit the art studio at the headquarters of Philips in Eindhoven as well, where I hoped to pick up some freelance jacket design work during my stay in Holland. I had taken along samples of my own designs, and some of David Leonard’s and John Copeland’s work, to show. Once they saw what we were doing in Australia it almost created a riot because the few designers they had working there all wanted to migrate immediately to Melbourne and work for World Record Club. They had never heard of, nor seen, such a free and creative approach to sleeve design before. Philips at that time had very strict design rules which did not allow for much imagination. A few years later all that had changed, but at the time it clearly brought home to me once again what a unique hub of creativity and design opportunities this rather small studio in Australia really was” –

(Sourced from “It’s Another World Record”, by Geoff Hocking)



Gus Van Der Heyde Album Cover Design WRC Gus Van Der Heyde Album Cover Design WRC

Gus Van Der Heyde Album Cover Design WRC

Gus Van Der Heyde Album Cover Design WRC

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