Another of the advertisement inserts in the Penrose Annual 1956. This one for Mistral, by the Typefoundry Amsterdam. (Unfortunately these pages have some water damage which has caused the ripples and shadows)

This font was designed by Roger Excoffon (1910-1983), who (from the printed text):

“Had to fit the irregularities of the handwriting of present day business men, intellectuals and artists into the regular framework of a printing type with connecting strokes…of necessity these connecting strokes must end and being at the same level and be inclined at the same angle. The capitals unlike those of most scripts combine easily, and can be used on their independently of the lower case”.

Air France was one of Roger Excoffons largest clients, and they used a variation of his Antique Olive until 2009 when a new logo was  introduced. Excoffon also designed: Chambord (1945) Banco (1951) Mistral (1953) Choc (1955) Diane (1956) Calypso (1958) Antique Olive (1962-1966).There is an excellent, in depth article on Roger Excoffon on a very smart French Graphic Design website HERE

Mistral Type Advertisement, Penrose Annual 1956 Mistral Type Advertisement, Penrose Annual 1956