I found this striking reproduction of a print by British Artist Garrick Palmer in the Penrose Annual 1972. A quick search led me to discover and learn more about this talented Artist, on his very smart website HERE  .

Born  in 1933 Garrick has had an extraordinary carer as a printmaker, illustrator, painter and photographer. On his website linked above you can see his work in the fields of Printmaking, Painting and Photography, plus links to more on Wikipedia about his work and life. 

The image in this post from the Penrose publication is entitled “Memory of a Winter Landscape” and was part of a series of striking landscape wood engravings. It is well worth a visit to his website to discover more. 

Garrick Palmer, 1972
Garrick Palmer, 1972. “Memory of a Winter Landscape” – A reproduction in the Penrose Annual of 1972, demonstrating advances in print technology.