This powerful image for a series of Beethoven albums was designed by Rob Hall at the World Record Club. It was created using blackened string glued to pieces of cardboard

In his book “It’s Another World Record” – Geoff Hocking remembers this piece:

“Considered a breakthrough design, this artwork threw the time honoured ideas of how the classics should be presented out of the window; for the first time the classic appeared contemporary – Beethoven in the groove. Hall’s closely packed type was also in vogue. Lettraset and photo type setting freed designers from the constraints imposed by metal type; lithography allowed unlimited freedom in the use of printable space. The surface of this work was pretty grubby, with black paint speckled across the artboard, blobs of white glue everywhere…..but once photographed it soon became a studio icon and a favourite amongst other designers.”

World Record Club, Beethoven, Designer Rob Hall
World Record Club, Beethoven, Designer Rob Hall

Rob Hall Designer, World Record Club Melbourne

Beethoven, Concerto for Piano & Orchestra no. 1 in C Major, Opus 15

Sonata 24 in F Sharp Major, Opus 78

Claudio Arrau, with the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Alceo Galliera